We love college football.  That's why we are committed to offering the absolute best gameday travel experience around.  

We give you the best buses and the best service.  

Just check out the amenities that our passengers enjoy:


Right now, big game weekends in Auburn are a major drain on the bank account.  Hotels, restaurant meals, gas money, parking, etc.  

We take care of all of that.

We take you from your home city straight to the campus of Auburn University in a late-model charter bus.  We know that it's tough to beat the comfort of your own home-- air conditioning, comfortable seats, wifi, satellite TV, and your own snacks and beverages.  

Throw in the costs of hotel rooms, gas, parking, and additional meals at expensive restaurants, it's obvious that there needs to be some way to save your money while preserving your on-campus gameday experience.

That is where we come in-- BIG GAME BUS offers you the opportunity to enjoy all those perks, but with the added bonus of getting to watch your Auburn Tigers in person at the end of the day!

Plus, if you're ever dissatisfied with your experience aboard a BIG GAME BUS, just let us know and we will make it right.

Service is available from Birmingham and Atlanta for Auburn home and away games.

No more worrying about hotel rooms.

No more worrying about parking.

No more worrying about having to drive yourself after a long day of tailgating and football.

Alright, we've sold you, right?  Time to buy tickets!

Football is complicated and violent... but getting to the game shouldn’t be. You should ride with BIG GAME BUS.
— George Washington (and he never told a lie)