Need tickets? Some advice...

Alright, I know a whole BUNCH of our passengers are still looking for tickets.  Every Auburn fan is familiar with the horror stories of ticket brokers giving Auburn fans the business when their bets on ticket prices went belly up.  You know, like the guy who bought four tickets for $15,000... that were fake.  Or those who bought tickets, only to learn that the "company" dissolved four days after he bought tickets.

My point is this-- if you have to buy tickets on the secondary market, buy them from a reputable ticket broker.  Even better, buy them from the official secondary market for the Rose Bowl and the 2014 VIZIO BCS National Championship,

Be smart out there and happy ticket hunting!  War Eagle!


We are adding our FINAL SIX BUSES to the trip!

(If youre keeping score at home, this will be twenty-four buses of Auburn fans.)

Anyone who signed up on our Waiting List prior to our last sell-out at 8:00 PM CST last night will receive a password to give them access to the site starting at 4:00 PM CST when the password and reservation system will be activated.

Any seats that remain at 6:00 PM CST will be released to the remaining names that have signed up on the Waiting List before 5:00 PM CST today.  An email with another password will be sent to all Waiting List members at 5:00 PM CST to access the store at 6:00 PM CST.

Any seats that remain at 8:00 PM CST will be released to the public.

If you signed up on the Waiting List prior to 8:00 PM CST last night, it is crucial that you check your email and CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION to the Waiting List after you sign up.  No confirmation, no password!

Again, we have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response and words cannot express the sincere gratitude that the folks at BCSBus are feeling right now.  We are sorry that we have to cap our trip at 24 buses, it was a decision that had to be made due to critical logistical concerns.

Thank you so much for your support and War Eagle!

The secret password has been sent...

The password and reservation system will be activated at 7:00 PM CST.  Any remaining open seats will be released to the public (the password page will be taken down) at 8:00 PM CST.  We are releasing all 300 seats to the folks on our waiting list.

It is highly possible that we will sell out all 300 seats during this waiting list pre-sale.  If that happens, I will reactivate the waiting list page immediately.  If you are still interested in riding with us on the BCSBus at that time, please go ahead and sign up.  We will again re-evaluate the logistics of moving BEYOND 18 BUSES tonight and have an update tomorrow morning.  

Thanks again and WAR EAGLE!



Everyone that has submitted their contact information on the WAITING LIST (as of 5:30 PM CST) will receive an email with the secret password to access the online reservation system. 

The reservation system will not be activated UNTIL 7:00 PM CST.  

Any seats remaining after our "pre-sale" to our waiting list members will be released to the public at 8:00 PM CST.  Again, these reservations are non-refundable.  Please do not book a seat if your travel plans are still up in the air (no pun intended!).

Words cannot express the sincere gratitude that the folks at BCSBus are feeling right now.  Thank you so much for your support and War Eagle!


Well, THAT was unexpected.

We have officially sold out of all 200 additional seats on our 4 additional buses... in FOUR MINUTES.

You can sign up on our waiting list here.

Again, please check back here and on our Twitter feed for any future announcements.  We will again circle back up and try to evaluate our best next step.  We will have a definitive statement posted here by 2:00 PM CST tomorrow in regards to any possible plans to expand our trip further.  We cannot promise that we are adding any more buses, but we will do our best to help you all out.

To those of you who had placed seats in your cart, but were unable to complete the checkout process due to us being sold-out, I'm extremely sorry.  It is a limitation of this e-commerce structure and I apologize for this scenario.


More Seats!

Loyal BSCBus Passengers and Fans,

Good news!  We have secured an additional four buses for our trip from Las Vegas to Pasadena.  Due to the increased cost of bringing in additional capacity from out-of-state, the ticket price will increase to $105 per person.  We realize any increase in price is unfortunate, but it is necessary in order to make this all work!

The site will open back up for reservations at 2:00 PM CST today.  When these seats sell out, we will again close down reservations while we circle back up and evaluate our next step.  Due to the increasingly complex logistical considerations, we cannot promise any further expansions to our trip. 

Thank you for your support and… WAR EAGLE!

Patrick Greene

What a Day...

In December of 2011, after the Auburn Tigers throttled South Carolina to win the SEC Championship, I began to scramble to make my travel arrangements to see the Auburn Tigers play in the BCS Championship Game. I remember the excitement and relief I felt when I realized how much money I could save by flying into Las Vegas instead of the ridiculously over-bought and hyper-expensive Phoenix airport. But then the question of actual transportation to the game itself became the issue. Thus, the BCSBus was born.  The first trip to Glendale in 2011 was an overwhelming success, with over 200 passionate Auburn fans making the journey with me.

As the magical 2013 season began to develop-- road victory after road victory, miracle play after miracle play, EYE-POPPING RUSHING YARD TOTAL AFTER EYE-POPPING RUSHING YARDAGE TOTAL.  I knew that we had the chancee to make another run to the champhionship... so I built this site.  And prayed. 

So here we stand, 24 hours after it has been announced that Auburn will once again return to the biggest stage in college football.  I'm happy to report that this iteration of the BCSBus will be the biggest and best yet.  In 24 hours, we have completely filled SEVEN BUSES.  Our original goal was six buses and that was blown away in less than a day.  We raised the bar to eight buses, a limit we will reach sometime tonight.  

After we fill the eighth bus, we are going to shut down reservations and circle back with our charter bus partners to evaluate the feasibility of adding additional buses to the trip.  Keep an eye on this blog and our Twitter page for any possible announcements regarding plans for additional buses.

To those of you who have already made reservations, we will be sending out additional information about the trip to the email associated with the primary reservation holder at the end of the week.   Thank you once again and WAR EAGLE!