What sort of amenities are available on the BIG GAME BUS?

We partner with only the safest and most reliable charter bus companies to provide the best amenities for our customers. All of our buses are equipped with reclining seats with arm and foot rests, tinted windows with shades, individual overhead air and light controls, a DVD player with flat screen monitors, GPS tracking, and restroom facilities. In addition to these features, most of our buses also provide FREE WIFI AND SATELLITE TV!

Where does the BIG GAME BUS depart from in Auburn?

Our buses pickup and drop off in the parking lot at the West Thach Lot. There is free, well-lit parking readily available. We've also cleared our plans with Auburn University Parking Services, so don't worry about receiving any parking tickets. Check out the map below:


What is a typical gameday intinerary?

Please note: All times and locations listed below are only listed to in order show a sample itinerary. Please refer to the departure times listed on each individual ticket page. You will be emailed a final itinerary 1 day prior to your scheduled departure.

Auburn vs. Alabama Gameday Schedule (Projected 6:45 PM CST Kickoff)
All times below are CST

11:15 AM - Begin BIG GAME BUS boarding at Auburn University CDV Extension Lot
11:30 AM - Depart Auburn University, AL
1:05 PM - Begin BIG GAME BUS boarding at Brookwood Mall (Birmingham, AL)
1:15 PM - Depart Brookwood Mall (Birmingham, AL)
2:30 PM - Arrive in Tuscaloosa, AL at 12th Street (between 6th and 8th Avenue)

MAKE NOTICE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! You will need to make it back to this area on 12th street after the game. The bus will remain locked from when you disembark until after the game. The cargo area under each bus will remain unlocked until kickoff if you'd like to return to the bus to drop off any tailgating gear.

6:45 PM - Kickoff - Auburn vs. Alabama Football Game
9:45 PM - End of game (estimated)
10:45 PM (estimated)- All buses will depart exactly one hour after the game clock hits 00:00 from the same location where passengers were dropped off.
11:45 PM (estimated - highly dependent upon variable traffic conditions) - Dropoff at Brookwood Mall (Birmingham, AL)
1:15 AM (estimated - highly dependent upon variable traffic conditions) - Dropoff at Auburn University CDV Extension Lot

Will I be able to be on the same bus as my friends and family?

All passengers contained within a single reservation are guaranteed to be on the same bus as long as you checkout with one transaction. For example, a group of 6 would need to designate a single person in their party to purchase all 6 tickets at once, rather than all 6 group members going on individually and reserving 1 ticket each.

What if I want to reserve a seat on the same bus as people who have already booked their seats?

While we cannot guarantee that passengers who have reserved seats through multiple transactions will be placed on the same bus, we will certainly do our very best to accommodate passengers' requests. If you would like to try to be placed on the same bus as another passenger or group, please list the name and order number (if possible) of the primary reservation holder you would like to be seated with in the "special concerns" section of the order form during checkout. Any requests received within 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time cannot be accommodated.

Are these tickets refundable?

Due to the considerable deposits associated with these buses, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason.

Other questions?

We are looking to expand our FAQ soon, but first we need your questions! Send your query to info@biggamebus.com